STM32H747XIHx Debug in Mbed studio


I recently began a project for the STM32H747XIHx. The board is correctly detected by Mbed Studio so I can compile and execute the program from Mbed Studio. Nonetheless, the debugger isn’t available (the button is gray and I get the message “Cannot debug for selected platform”.

I did some research and found that this is caused by the fact that pyOCD (used internally by Mbed studio) doesn’t support my board as “builtin”.

When pyOCD is used from command line in the Mbed studio terminal, it is possible to make it work for the STM32H747XIHx thanks to the --pack option and a CMSIS pack downloaded from Is it possible to specify this option somewhere so that I can use the Debugger in Mbed studio ?


Hi Valerian,

I can confirm that your investigation is correct. Unfortunately in Mbed Studio 0.9.1 it is only possible to use packs that are shipped with the IDE. It is not possible to download CMSIS-Pack for that board yourself and point debugger at them (unless you want to debug using pyOCD directly from terminal inside Mbed Studio. Let me know if you are interested in it. I can provide more details).
That being said this feature has already been implemented. It will be available in upcoming 1.0.0 release. It will be possible to:

  • Specify a custom target
  • Point Mbed Studio at CMSIS-Pack located in the system

Arek - Mbed Studio team

Hi, thank you for your detailed answer.

Do you have a first estimation regarding the release date of the 1.0.0 version ?

Meanwhile I am interested in using pyOCD directly from the terminal in Mbed studio, if you could provide me more details that would be great.