Developing with MAX30003

Good morning,
I am developing a device using this chip and this is the only forum where I could find something about it.
This chip has a fifo stack which could be programmed to trigger an interrupt when a certain amount of memory slots have not been read, this interrupt is supposed to go down when this memory portion is read and a bit in the status register is supposed to go back to “0”.
My chip does not behave like that, when the memory is read, the status bit is 1 and the interrupt does not seem to be served and set to 0.
Has someone experience with this chip and has a clue on what could be the problem?
Thank you


from my point of view, better place for this question can be a Maxim support, than Mbed Support forum.

However, did you try to reading the FIFO buffer in loop until the flag drop back to zero?

BR, Jan