Disco IoT L475 connection to Pelion over WiFi

Hello everyone,

For the past week I have been trying to connect my Disco board to Pelion with no success.

I have tried 3 different micro SD cards and I tried them before and after formatting them. I have tried 2 different SD card connectors as well. In addition, I used my phone as a hotspot to check it connects to it and I can confirm that the WiFi connection is there. However, when I go to Pelion Device Management I do not see my device listed.

I have tried deleting existing certificates and API keys to start from scratch but still nothing. In the compiler I can see the dev_credentials.c file so that exists as well. Lastly, when I check the SD card on my laptop using an adaptor, I don’t see anything saved on it (however I am not certain if I should actually see anything saved).

Any help is much appreciated as I have tried the tutorial many times already

Thank you,

I am using code from link


How you have connected SD card. is it like this.

refer attachment , i have connected in this way and it is working.


Thank you for your reply. I have retried it again now and it didn’t work. One note, I am connecting the SD card to 3.3V and not 5V.

Now I am thinking that my connector might be wrong, as it uses SDI and SDO instead of MISO and MOSI. However as far as I know, I can still connect SDI to MOSI and SDO to MISO so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Also I forgot to say that I checked on CoolTerm and I get gibberish. It’s different every time I reset here is sample of three resets:

.¥¥M!..1ÖÿŸ.qã.ß7q.?ç.ãç.ßg.qç.3çç„ç’.ßçç.qçç.#çç3‡çgç.ßç3ç.q3çç.ãçç7ççç1ç.ßç7çç.q’çç1.ã3çççgßçç7ççüqç7çç1?ç’çç3cd!Ðv<.ƒBþA.=!+)!†1.±!§7;ÿŒ÷¨ûCëù.%!Ã!.}!!!¦ßqã.‡.ßçq7ã1.ßç.qç.qg.ã’ç.ßçç.qç’.qç1.ãgçç.ß3çç.qççç.?ç’ççãç1ç’.ß’çç1.qçç1ç.?çççç7ãç7çççüßççç7ç÷q’çç1çÁ11!! %©ÿA.=ûŒ)!†!)¨!ÑŠ“Œ4÷ØûCëùK¥!M!ñ.1Âoó.;.„.ß’q.cç.‡ç.ßç3q3.ã1çŸçç.ßç’.q7ç.ã3ççßçç7.qç7ç.qççç.ã’çç1ß1ç’ç.qç’ççqç3çg.ãççç7gß7ççççðqçç1ç’#çç1ççcd!Ð.<.!ÿA.=¹Ë+.†1Ë*!£7›ÿŒƒÄ·Ôu;ÿ5uŒ’ü

You need 5v For SD card .

to See proper message on coolterm, select baudrate as 115200.

Excellent, I didn’t know about the baud rate, now I can see things on the terminal, thank you!

However I don’t see how I should use 5V for the microSD? The 4th pin from the left is 3.3V on my board, and my SD connector says 3.3V

Please check the following link if it can solve your issue :slight_smile:http://langster1980.blogspot.com/2014/01/mbed-sd-card-tutorial.html


Thanks for your help I managed to connect ,only with my hotspot though. Whenever I am trying to connect using the company’s WiFi I get Error -3011 . The good thing is that I can now get a feeling on how Pelion is which is good enough for now, I have to understand why I get that error though.

Plz provide MAC ID of your Discovery board (WiFi chip ) to your IT team to allow WiFi access in your office network, May be your Office is blocking unidentified WiFi MAC ID