Do Nuvoton boards have a lower level abstraction layer support on mbed?

I have a NuMaker-PFM-M487. I’m much more familiar with STM32 microcontrollers, and occasionally use HAL. With STM32 I need includes like this for more direct access to timers.

 #include "stm32f3xx_hal_tim_ex.h"

Is there anything like this for Nuvoton?

Have you tried the Nuvoton GitHub repo to see if they expose some of their lower level APIs?

The Nuvoton site isn’t completely terrible, but I was having a tough time finding the info I was looking for.

Just in case anyone finds this useful in the future I found this:
Some documentation found in the board support package on the Nuvoton site with lots of sample code. The documentation appears to be primarily in one of those old school win3.1 help files, but at least it’s available.