EFM32GG STK3700 Has anyone succeeded in debugging Jlink?

I have installed Mbed Studio.

Updated mbed cli package as below.

mbed-cli = 1.8.3
mbed-greentea = 1.7.4
mbed-ls = 1.8.3
mbed-host-tests = 1.5.10
pyocd = 0.28.3

I tried to build and debug ‘mbed-os-example-blinky’. But it doesn’t work.

It came out like the picture below.

What should I do?

WARNING:mbedls.lstools_base:No valid file found to update JLink device details

platform_name platform_name_unique mount_point serial_port target_id interface_version
EFM32GG_STK3700 EFM32GG_STK3700[0] D: COM5 2015009F0000E19CD6C6D253 0.14.3