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MBED CLI won't recognize board via ST-Link

I created an MBED VSCode project like so

mbed new .
mbed target NUCLEO_F446RE
mbed toolchain GCC_ARM
mbed export -i vscode_gcc_arm

and am trying to upload a simple blinky example to my Nucleo F446RE board. I am using an St-Link V2 with the latest firmware.

Running the command mbed compile --flash builds the project ok, but outputs

[mbed] ERROR: The target board you compiled for is not connected to your system.
       Please reconnect it and retry the last command.

As far as I am concerned, my target board is supported and has the appropriate target name in the .mbed file :man_shrugging:

# .mbed file

I can successfully upload code to the MCU using a different framework/build tool just fine, so I do believe there is a configuration I am missing in MBED.

Any ideas why my board isn’t being recognized?

did you try “mbed detect”

i got:

[mbed] Detected NUCLEO_F446RE, port COM8, mounted D:, interface version V2J37M27:
[mbed] Supported toolchains for NUCLEO_F446RE
| Target        | mbed OS 2 | mbed OS 5 |    ARM    | uARM |  GCC_ARM  |    IAR    |
| NUCLEO_F446RE |     -     | Supported | Supported |  -   | Supported | Supported |

mbed detect outputs that same message mbed compile --flash does:

[mbed] No mbed targets were detected on your system.