[ERROR] armclang: error: Failed to check out a license


I am very new to Mbed Studio. Recently, I am trying to import SX1280 library to the project.
But I failed to compile the SX1280 library. It seems to license issues.

Building project mbed-os-empty (NUCLEO_L476RG, ARMC6)
Scan: mbed-os-empty
Compile [ 0.1%]: sx1280-hal.cpp
[ERROR] armclang: error: Failed to check out a license.
armclang: note:
Information about this error is available at: http://ds.arm.com/support/lic56/m103
General licensing information is available at: http://ds.arm.com/support/licensing/
If you need further help, provide this complete error report to your supplier or license.support@arm.com.

  • ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE: ‘C:\Mbed Studio\tools-config\ac6-license.dat’
  • LM_LICENSE_FILE: unset
  • ARM_PRODUCT_DEF: unset

Anyone has idea how to fix that?
Thanks in advance.

You have the same problem I had, follow the first link in the “Information about this error…” prompt.

You are not allowed to run Mbed Studio from a RDP session.

Hi James,

As Chris mentioned this issue may be related to remote desktop. There is a similar thread for it: Version 0.91 suddenly unlicensed.

Arek - Mbed Studio team