[ERROR] armclang: error: System clock tampering detected. License checkout will fail

hello, can anyone compile something using Mbed Studio?
I always get the same error.

"Building project mbed-os-example-blinky (NUCLEO_L476RG, ARMC6)
Scan: mbed-os-example-blinky
Compile [ 0.1%]: mbed_tz_context.c
[ERROR] armclang: error: System clock tampering detected. License checkout will fail.
armclang: error: Failed to check out a license.
armclang: note:
Information about this error is available at: http://ds.arm.com/support/lic56/m1004
General licensing information is available at: Software Licensing – Arm Developer
If you need further help, provide this complete error report to your supplier or license.support@arm.com.
- ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE: ‘C:\Program Files\Mbed Studio\tools-config\ac6-license.dat’
- Product location: c:\ProgramData\Mbed Studio\mbed-studio-tools\ac6\sw\mappings
- Toolchain location: c:\ProgramData\Mbed Studio\mbed-studio-tools\ac6\bin
- Selected tool variant: product
armclang: note:
- Checkout feature: mbed_armcompiler
- Feature version: 5.0202002
- Flex error code: -1004
Product: ARM Compiler 6.14 for Mbed Studio
Component: ARM Compiler 6.14
Tool: armclang [5db06c00]
armclang: error: ARM Compiler does not support ‘-mcpu=cortex-m4’"

using NUCLEO-L476RG or NUCLEO-F103RB
Any solution?

There are several similar threads on this:

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Hopefully there’s something in one of those that may help?