Mbed Studio - ARM Compiler does not support '-mcpu=cortex-m7'

need help with this error.

I have the same problem using the NUCLEO_H743ZI2. Steps to reproduce:

  • Install MBED Studio
  • Create empty MBED OS project
  • Select Target Nucleo_H743ZI2
  • Hit Build

Product: ARM Compiler 6.13 for Mbed Studio
Component: ARM Compiler 6.13
Tool: armclang [5d895a00]
armclang: error: ARM Compiler does not support ‘-mcpu=cortex-m7’

I’m using the most recent version of mbed studio and mbed OS 6 (also tried with mbed OS 5, but no difference).
Any solution on this topic yet? Could you solve it somehow?

OK I saw that further up there is an error:

[ERROR] armclang: error: System clock tampering detected. License checkout will fail.

Im using Windows 10 without any remote desktop something and my clock, timezone and localization is set properly. I also tried to disable all antivirus stuff without success