Error at us_ticker_read when using more than 7 InterruptIn

Hi, I’m trying to find out how to use the InterruptIn function! Please forgive my lack of programming experience. Also, this text is using a translator, so there may be some unnatural parts.

I am running “Nucleo F767ZI” with “Mbed OS 6.15.1”. I am using “Mbed Studio.”

I am trying to use pin 10 as an interrupt to program the controller. But when I try to declare the 7th InterruptIn, I get a logic error, and when I check it in the debugger, I get this error.

2 "main" received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
0x080072be in _wait_us_ticks (ticks=400000) at . \mbed-os\platform\source/mbed_wait_api_no_rtos.c:44

44 while (((us_ticker_read() - start) & US_TICKER_MASK) < ticks);

I have the same program in Mbed OS 5 and it did not give me any errors.
I would like to know how to deal with this problem. Thank you in advance.