EtherCAT stops at some time in EasyCAT shield

I’m using the EasyCAT shield on the NUCLEO F767ZI board for building the EtherCAT communication between the Speedgoat target computer (to control the robot with Simulink Real-Time) and the Nucleo board. I’m sending motor command data and receiving sensor data from the motor controller using CAN communication to the Nucleo board and then transfer the exact same data to the target PC using EtherCAT communication with the support of easyCAT shield.

The communication works perfectly at a 1kHz sampling rate without any noises. However, after 10-15 minutes, the EtherCAT communication fails with an error called “Cyclic command: Working count error”. (state remains operational, but no data passing between master and slave. Error code describes its “Cyclic command: Working count error”) For EtherCAT communication, I’m using the DC Synchronization method.

Is there any time out for SPI or/and EtherCAT communication in EasyCAT.cpp file available on Mbed or hardware limitation cause this problem?