Pin to receive the SM interrupt that generated by the LAN9252

Hello everyone,

I’m using easyCAT with a Nucleo F767ZI board for building EtherCAT communication between a motor controller (using UART) and TargetPC (using EtherCAT).

I want to use the DC_SYNC mode on the easyCAT, so that need to obtain interrupt is generated from the Distributed clock unit.

Simply, I want to know the following,

  1. What is the assigned pin for “InterruptIn event( pin )” that receive the SM interrupt generated by the LAN9252

  2. Any working code for communication among EtherCAT and UART using interrupts?

Thank you in advance…! :hugs:

You can see the schematic for the board here: NUCLEO-F767ZI - STM32 Nucleo-144 development board with STM32F767ZI MCU, supports Arduino, ST Zio and morpho connectivity - STMicroelectronics . It looks like the board actually uses a LAN8742A, not a LAN9252.

It looks like the LAN8742A’s nINT/REFCLK0 pin is connected to PA1 on the CPU.

Hey @MultipleMonomials,

I am using the EasyCAT shield for EtherCAT communication and I guess, I should consider the interrupt pin from LAN9252 which is on the EasyCAT shield.


examples from AB&T are out of date but maybe with MbedOS5.15 it will working, you must test it.

BR, Jan