Export mbed os 5 program to STM32Cube IDE

I’m trying to export my mbed OS 5 project to stm32cube ide. However, I can’t seem to get that program to build in stm32cube. Is there any documentation for how to do this?

Hi @caseyquinn.
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Mbed Suport


just for info, the STM32CUBE-MX and STM32CUBE IDE are two different things but the STM32CUBE-MX is already included in the STM32CUBE IDE, it was released approx 10 months ago.

I saw few question about this here but always without a solution and also I found your post on ST community forum. Probably there is low interest about it.
Tip: However, the STM32CUBE IDE is based on Eclipse and that can by little bit similar like SW4STM32 because it is also based on Eclipse. So a chance can be, import (if you know about a guide what works. ) Mbed to the SW4STM32 and than follow guide how to import a SW4STM32 project into the STM32CUBE IDE.

I had no luck with SW4STM32 in the past, so I am waiting for release of MbedStudio.

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I probably misread