How to export from Mbed to STM32CubeIDE

I am currently attempting to debug a cpp program used in mbed with STM32CubeIDE.
However, I am not able to export from mbed.
I cannot select sw4STM32 in [tool chain] below.
Please let me know if anyone knows the cause.


  • you try to export old mbed-clasic library (aka Mbed2 library) not a project
  • You tried to export for System Workbanch for STM32, bu that Is not same IDE
  • also with newer projects it is not working for any toolchain. I think exporters are not maintained for a long time
  • Export for CubeIDE was never supported here, if I remember

Maybe with Mbed CLI it is possible but I am not sure

BR, Jan

Thank you for your answer. I am a beginner and did not realize it. I will give it a try.