F429ZI build problem

Hi , I want to use Nucleo F429ZI for some test purposes.

When I’m build the code and get the bin file and drag n to nucleo F429ZI to usb ,the file goes on but it completed it’s re-connect and the file has been deleted.

Nucleo ST-LINK/V2 driver installation and firmware upgraded but problem don’t solved .


the name of topic F429ZI build problem, but

This doesn’t seem to be a build issue.

This is correct behavior

let say the file was consumed.

Please be so kind and describe expected behavior and what is the reality, also share information about your tool (Online compiler, Mbed Studio, Keil Studio, Mbed CLI 1/2 or someting else) and MbedOS version.

BR, Jan

Hi Jan,
Let me try to give more details about the problem.
I am using Mbed Online Compiler.

I build the mbed example blink led code. Then I transfer the bin file I obtained after the build to NUCLEO-F429ZI via usb.

When the transfer is complete, I see that the bin file in my nucleo has been deleted.
I observe that Example blink led is not working in NUCLEO.

Drag’n’drop programming means doesn’t it mean that I can run the bin file I created with drag and drop ?

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you for your help.


I do not see anything wrong in descripted steps.
Please be so kind and verify that you have added and select correct target in the Online compiler - NUCLEO-F429ZI | Mbed, import latest - mbed-os-example-blinky - Blinky example for Mbed OS 6.0 | Mbed and try it again.

BR, Jan

The file disappearing behavior is normal IIRC, but it should start working at that point. Are there any other files seen on the Nucleo board drive, like a FAIL.txt perhaps?