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Cannot upload with drag and drop or Mbed Studio (Win10, STM32407F)

When I drag and drop the binary to my STM32407F compiled online (Max Arch target device, Windows 10), the File Explorer window quits and the file is nowhere to be found. With Mbed Studio, I get an error for simply trying to upload the Blinky file. What am I doing wrong? Or to be precise, what is Mbed doing wrong?

New error in Mbed Studio after restart


If you double-click the MBED.HTM file from File Explorer, you will see the platform page. If the platform page is Seeeduino-Arch rather than Arch Max, the firmware on your Arch Max board is wrong version. This is known issue and you need to update the firmware.

Ah sorry, I misread the condition.

It’s an STM32F407 board which is supposed to be used with the Seed Arch Max firmware according to this:

Also, in Mbed Studio I have the right board selected (STM32F407 DISCO) and I still cannot upload the code. In fact, there is no way to upload the code with any of the 3 methods. What is exit code 2 anyway?