Future of mbed browser compiler

I am considering using the browser mbed compiler for future projects. The reason for this is that I can use an ipad to do the whole project if the browser ide works out. I see that mbed is pushing their own version of eclipse now. I am wondering if they are focusing on this now instead of the browser compiler? Do people feel like the browser compiler has a future?

The online Mbed compiler is limited in the respect of being able to change parts of the mbed library otherwise I think it will be around for some time yet unless someone else knows otherwise.
A lot of people including myself use it. Its quick and easy, sometimes a bit sticky, save/compile times can vary a bit and you are restricted to having to be connected to the internet. I use Studio (offline) sometimes but always go back to the online compiler, just suits me.
If you look a the main web page you can see the compilations in one week. Averages about 150k compilations and upwards.

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Please go ahead and use the Online Compiler, we monitor/support it closely, although the longer term plan is to release a browser version of Mbed Studio (we are currently developing this).

We don’t have an Eclipse IDE, that was a brief misstep, which was then succeeded by Mbed Studio :wink: