Get Voltage level of connected battery using MAX 14690 PMIC on MAX32630FTHR


I have the MAX32630FTHR up and running, and I have connected a 3.7V Li+ battery on it.
Can someone send me the code, so I can get the Voltage level of the battery, using the MAX14690 embedded PMIC?

Thank you in advance.

I think you need this George:

Thanks for your fast reply.

The code from the link you gave me, doesn’t read the voltage level of the battery.
It just initializes the PMIC. There is no code line that reads the Voltage level.

Thank you.

You measure the voltage on AIN_0 (MON) pin.
That pin is connected to the PMIC monitor output pin.
Your need to change the initialize part;



monCfg = MON_BAT; 

Then you take an A-D reading on AIN_0 to get the Battery voltage.

Not sure what the reading value will be monitoring a 4.2v Li battery.
Normally 0 - 3.3v applied to a analogIn pin will give a reading of 0-1. You will probably need to calibrate it with a meter.

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Hello There
in this case should i use (I2c ) interface to configure the PMIC ? or just use (AIN_0 ) GPIO ? . please any example read battery level from PMIC to MAX32630fthe

Thank you