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MAX32630fthr not powering on properly


I am currently working on the MAX32630fthr and it was powering on and compiling fine till I got the error ‘The interface firmware FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU’ from the DAPlink. The board does seem to power up when I plug in the USB but only the 1.8V pin outputs the correct voltage while I get no output from the 3.3V pin. Anybody having similar problems? My previously installed program does not run and it does not want to receive new programs.


Hi Andre,

From HW side, have you checked all the jumper and reworked part?
From FW side, please check this discussion.


Hi Desmond,

Yes all the pins and solder joints look fine. I have tried updating the firmware to the DAPlink but the problem is still there. I think somehow the PMIC does not initiate the 3.3V pin logic hence not even the user LED blinks. Not sure if it plays a part but before the problem happened, I left my MCU running on an idle loop for hours to go do other things. Came back, and it died on me. I have ordered a new one anyway.

Thanks for your help,