Getting started in IoT with Mbed

Hello everyone!

I am interested in getting started on IoT projects and have heard that Mbed is a very popular development platform. I would like to know what development board would you recommend for me to start with. I have been doing research on the NXP LPC1678, but have found that this board is discontinued. L-Tek FF-LPC546XX would be an alternative or what other development board options can I use to start working with Mbed?

I would greatly appreciate your recommendations and suggestions.
Thanks in advance!

Actually begin with any supported boards is okay. If possible, you may use what you have now.
I started with NXP mbed LPC1768 and ST Nucleo-L432KC.


LPC1768 (Farnell has it on stock) is/was very popular and most of old libraries was made especially for it.

I prefer STM32 boards, because ST provides good support (not for Mbed only, but also for another platforms so when you will want to switch from Mbed to PlatformIO or Arduino or similar, then it is easy), the price of ST dev kits are always very attractive and most of them include onboard debugger.

However it depends about what IOT project you want to do - type of connectivity, level of power consumption, whole size and required performance.

Moreover when you compare the price of old LPC1768 and suggested Nucleo-L432KC or more powerful Nucleo-H743ZI2, then you will see the difference. For price of one LPC1768 you can buy 5xNucleo-L432KC or 2xNucleo-H743ZI…

BR, Jan

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Hi, STM32 for sure, better support by number of supported boards, good tools to create your customs targets based on almost any STM32 microcontroller.

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Thank you very much for your reply! It was very useful for me.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, your answer has been very clear and has helped me to better understand this topic.

I really appreciate your help, it has been very helpful.

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I think so hard