Stm32 nucleo-64 for stm32f103

just start buy stm32 nucleo for stm32f103, I have no idea where is beginning from.
i go to, and getting start video is not working,
there are four development toolchains,
GCC-bade IDEs
Arm Mbed online
which one is best for me to started?
which one is most important?

(2)when i copy blinking *.bin to my board , i can not see the result. am i missing thing

                                                                    jack chai 11/13/2020


it can’t be said so easily, it is depend on your requirements, experiences and resources.

  • Mbed’s tools are free but only for Arm Mbed but of course you have still access to HALs or registers.
    What exactly the Mbed provide, you can found on the web side or maybe a short info here.
    You can start from here, where you can found a documentation and also page about your board.

  • Keil and IAR are professional tools and their licenses are too expensive for hobbyists, i think. Of course exist a trial for the IAR and free version for the Keil but with limitations.

  • GCC-based are usually free and open source. If you want to work with ST’s products then can be the STM32CubeIDE right choice.

If you have any future question about Mbed, please be more specific. I mean you wrote “when i copy blinking *.bin to my board…” but we do not know from where, and so on. If you have questions about other IDEs, I encourage you to visit their forums or websites.

BR, Jan