How are NSAPI connection status defined?

In nsapi_types.h

4 different statuses are defined:

NSAPI_STATUS_LOCAL_UP 	local IP address set
NSAPI_STATUS_GLOBAL_UP 	global IP address set
NSAPI_STATUS_DISCONNECTED 	no connection to network 
NSAPI_STATUS_CONNECTING 	connecting to network 

What does “global IP address set” mean? I get such status when the lan router mbed connects to doesn’t have an up link. In this case, a “local IP address set” seems to be more appropriate.



Could you get more information what kind of connection you use? It might clarify things.
In mesh network it means that the gateway does not have global address.


I use EthernetInterface. Mbed device is connected to a router that is connected to a cable modem.If the connection to cable modem is unplugged, I assume there will be no global IP assigned to either mbed device nor the router.