How do I use Mbed CLI on Mbed Studio?

How do I open a command line terminal on Mbed Studio?

Hi Malavika,

At the moment it is not possible in version 0.8.1. In upcoming release 0.9.0 Mbed Studio is going to expose all tools shipped with Studio from the built-in terminal.

Available tools:

  • Mercurial
  • Git
  • Mbed Cli
  • Mbed Greentea
  • Python
  • pyOCD
    and more

Arek - Mbed Studio team


Looks like I can right click on the project and select ‘Open in Terminal’ option.


Hi Malavika,

That is correct. In Mbed Studio 0.8.1 you can open a built-in terminal that way. It will however not allow you to run tools that are shipped with Mbed Studio (this functionality comes with 0.9.0).
You can however still access Mbed CLI that is installed on you system (assuming that it is installed and you have it in PATH).


Ah understood. Thanks.