How to get started with this board (WISE-1510)

Hello community,
I’m new to mbed OS and my goal is to have a generic LoRaWAN node where I can use different I2C sensors for real life applications.

My background: I’m a software developer writing saas applications with some basic arduino experience doing some experimentation with IoT.

After some research, I’ve found this board:

From here I’m lost what I’d need to do.

  • What type of adapter should I have to connect to it?
  • Once I have the adapter to connect to it, is it just a matter of writing code using the mbed os ide and load to it?
  • How do I power the board?

I’m open for suggestions on how to achieve this goal. I’m also open to buy a dev kit to learn the basics before jumping to this. Do you know any good book or online course where I could gain the minimum knowledge around this topic?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Ricardo.

You doing it the hard way. I also started as a Software developer and now i’m creating hardware in kicad and selling lora products to companies.

I extensively understand the chips and interconnects inside that module, but that form factor you get there is just not one i have worked with.
The product you select is just a form factor that goes into a slot you solder to your board. You program it with an st-link v3 via swd. That is no rookie or arduino lvl mcu :wink: You need to understand stm32 ecosystem first.
You got there a package in a form factor for oems. You can try to understand it through carrier board desisgn or get a carrier board kit. They have a document fot it.
And you should get a stm32 lora kit and learn the ropes first if you want to cut ties with arduino world.
But i think there are better solution out there that i don’t know if i’m allowed to publicize here :slight_smile:

Hey @Pedro_Dias
Thank you for the explanation, it makes sense now and I think it’s time to know more about the dev kit first. I’m puzzled about the better solution you’ve mentioned. :grinning:
I’ll dig more on what you suggested. My intention is to have a bit more of control and flexibility on the end node.

WISE-1510 is a wireless module integrated with ARM Cortex-M4 Processor and LoRa / LoRaWAN connectivity. This technology is the best solution for Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) Applications. LoRaWAN is defined to optimize the power consumption and wide range. Your sensors or applications with low data rate requirement can be achieved years battery lifetime… More

Thank you very much for posting this, I got it working.