How to interface NFC integrated in the micro nRF52840 ?

I’m developing an application on a board with micro Nordic nRF52840, s.o. Mbed and VisualMicro / Arduino environment (c++).
I can’t find a way to access the NFC device built into the micro (e.g. mbed API, library…).
Can someone help me ?

Many have tried over the years and I have yet to come across someone who’s published their successes. SeeedStudio with the Xiao nRF52840 supposedly had a library which ran on Arduino but I could not get it to work and haven’t heard of anyone using it either - only came across problems of it not working.

What I do know is that the official nRF52 SDK examples for NFC work when compiling and flashing via Segger Embedded Studio, or equivalent IDE.

gerriko, thanks for your reply and for the notes.
I keep looking for a solution especially in mbed/VisualMicro/Arduino having developed my application in this environment.
I hope for further help.