How to port Mbed on custom exact replica board?

I built a clone of Nucleo L476RG myself using STM32L476RG IC. Surprisingly, after some tests, I found out that the clone (which is exact replica of STM32 Nucleo L476RG) can’t run Mbed.

I looked at the following link: and it seems most of the stuff is concerned with changing naming of existing peripherals, but as I said my board is exact replica of the original Nucleo.

What other stuff I need to do be able to run Mbed on the custom board? It does run normal STM32 C code as well as Arduino code.

It does work, I use the same Target MCU on my custom boards.

Take a look here:

This is for a different target but the process is exactly the same.
You can use any STM32 board with ST-LINK/V2-1 to program the clone board.

Use the online-compiler with a ‘blinky’ program to test, it’s quicker and easier, just add the STM32L476RG board to you board list.
You can use OS2 or OS5 both libraries will work.

‘exact replica’ except the little difference with the clock input :slight_smile:

Yes, you will need to add this in your mbed_app.json file if using the external 8Mhz xtal

            "target.clock_source": "USE_PLL_HSE_XTAL",