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How to program the 2.8 ITDB02 Shield v2 with the STM32 NUCLEO-F446RE

How to program this TFT LCD display on the NUCLEO-F446RE platform.
I am using the Mbed Studio IDE and need guidance.

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you can check Mbed Components but you will probably need UniGraphic | Mbed.
If you want to find something I recommand to not use the forum search but

However, those libraries may not be compatible with MbedOS 6+. I recommend to import it in to the online compiler and test it in its current state, with version of MbedOS for which it was created.
When it will work, then try to update MbedOS version to 5.15 or 6+ (supported by Mbed Studio) and try it again, then you will see.

BR, Jan