LCD libraries for Mbed 6

I have made a couple of LCD libraries which works for mbed-os 6.6


Hi @sstaub. Thanks for sharing - these look really useful. It’s now possible to add GitHub repos to and have them show up on your profile (sstaub | Mbed) and in code search where other users can discover them. It would be great if you could add yours when you have time. Just go to Code - sstaub | Mbed when you’re logged in and you should see an Add GitHub Repository button. It’s just a couple of steps to get them in to our search index and publicly available across the site. Let me know if you have any problems!

Thank you for that advice, I started adding the first libraries. There is one big problem I found. Originally I have a folder with a simple example inside but this gives compile errors on Mbed Studio (I think this will also happens with the online compiler) so have to delete this example folder to compile properly. There should a way to have examples inside a repository, maybe by auto deleting folders named example or examples when importing the library.

You can find the libraries also on my code site
EADOG will need some additional work.