How to read LoRa downlink RSSI from SX1261

I’m using the mbed os lora example, running Mbed OS5 with aSX1261MB2BAS shield (Semtech SX1261 tranciever).

It works, but i am to map the signal strength Up & Down link.
Is there a proper way of reading the RX/Downlink RSSI, when receiving a downlink , or a confirmed message.

I can find an RADIO_GET_RSSIINST opmode command, in the definitions in sx126x_ds.h, and the SX126X_LoRaRadio.get_rssi but it feels like a hack to short the layers in between, to read directly from the tranciever, in my application, since all other functionality are issued by callbacks.

Found it, sometimes asking the question gives you the answer

lorawan_tx_metadata txMetadata;