How to set API Key in Mbed studio


I want to set the Pelion API key in mbedstudio.
I always used an online compiler.
I could not set the API key on this screen of mbedstudio.
Is it not possible with Mbedstudio?


Hi, thanks for trying Mbed Studio.

Mbed Studio connects to the your user account from the online compiler. If you have an API key set in the online compiler, it uses the same key by default.

However, if you want to change it, you can use the “cog” icon from the top of the Pelion Device Management panel:

Thank you for your advice.

I found a screen to set the API Key.
However, there was no setting for the Pelion server host…etc that the online compiler had.
Is software difficult to use Pelion with Mbed studio?


At the moment, Studio always uses the “default” host at, but an option to use a different host is on the backlog for a later release.

The docs have a good summary of the Pelion Device Management support currently available in Studio:



I’m looking forward to the next Mbed studio where the API Key can change.
Then I’m also interested in the website that you let me know.
Thank you!