Ignoring particular .lib files in Keil Studio


When i am trying create a new project by cloning the git repository, each library which are identified by the .lib files are cloning even if we add those .lib files in .medignore file. Is there any quick method to clone the particular libraries even if git repository had many .lib files to avoid unwanted libraries?

Hi @Chandrakant_Minajigi ,

Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment in Mbed Studio and Keil Studio Cloud. .mbedignore file is used only to add a list of files and folders to ignore during compilation step. It is not used during import/clone step. IDEs always download all libraries that are required in the project (and their dependencies).

Arek - Studio team

Hi @arekzaluski ,

Is there any workaround available now? As we have many projects in one repository and all have there own version of library files. So when we import to keil studio ide there is lot of time wasting in cloning the different versions of library itself.

You can find our repository here: https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/precision-converters-firmware

Is there any plan for adding this feature in future? If so, When can we expect this feature available for users?


Hi @Chandrakant_Minajigi,

Unfortunately currently there is no workaround available. Keil Studio Cloud always downloads all libraries after project clone. The only workaround I can think of is renaming extensions for each .lib in the project to something different in Source Control and then manually change it back after clone. It is however far from perfect.

We are considering adding a setting option in user’s preference that will allow to skip download of all libraries after clone. When selected it will only import Mbed OS library. Other libraries will have to be imported from library panel (by clicking fix option). Unfortunately as of today I can’t commit if/when this feature will be added.

Arek - Studio team