Issue with importing libraries in keil studio

Hello Team,

I am trying to import an mbed project from github and I am facing issues with linking the no-OS library with the project. There are other such libraries within the project and there are no difficulties with them. Upon trying to “fix” the no-OS library, Keil studio says that the libraries are corrupt.

I am attaching a screenshot of the error message. Any leads on this would really be of help. Thanks in advance!



I do not know how this is compatible with Mbed but it seems it your local problem. I just try to import and

BR? Jan

Hello @JohnnyK , Thanks for getting back to me.

Seems like this issue is persistent only for a few accounts. A few other colleagues of mine are able to import the same library without any issues.

Thank you,

Hi Janani,

Apologies for not answering sooner. I see that the library is pretty big ~430 MB. I wonder if it is because of the network issues during the clone. Would you mind answering few questions about the problem you are seeing?

  1. Does it happen every time for you?
  2. Does it happen only on a single commit?
  3. Have you tried to add a library to any Mbed program. Does it happen also then?

Arek - Studio team