Implementing the RFID-RC522 code on Nucleo Board F429ZI with STM32 microcontroller


I am Farooq. I am currently working on a project where I have to connect RFID-RC522 to the Nucleo Board F429ZI (Nucleo board has STM 32 microcontroller).
When I compile the code, provided on this link >>RFID-RC522 - voor je boy jens mijn project | Mbed, the Keil studio shows an error as follows:
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Build started
Using toolchain ARM_MICRO profile {‘ENV’: {‘ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE’: ‘8224@’, ‘ARMROOT’: ‘/opt/RVCT_5.03/’, ‘ARMCC41BIN’: ‘/opt/RVCT_5.03/bin’, ‘ARMCC41INC’: ‘/opt/RVCT_5.03/include’, ‘ARMCC41LIB’: ‘/opt/RVCT_5.03/lib’, ‘LANG’: ‘C’}, ‘PATHS’: {‘ARM_PATH’: ‘/opt/RVCT_5.03/’, ‘LIB’: ‘/opt/RVCT_5.03/lib’, ‘CPPLIB’: ‘/opt/RVCT_5.03/lib/cpplib’, ‘INC’: ‘/opt/RVCT_5.03/include’, ‘BIN’: ‘/opt/RVCT_5.03/bin’}, ‘common’: [‘-c’, ‘–gnu’, ‘-O3’, ‘-Otime’, ‘–split_sections’, ‘–apcs=interwork’, ‘-D__MICROLIB’, ‘–library_type=microlib’], ‘cxx’: [‘–cpp’, ‘–no_rtti’], ‘COMPILE_C_AS_CPP’: False, ‘PATCHED_LIBRARY’: False}
scan /tmp/chroots/ch-44cd7dbf-742c-4a19-803e-f3fd326b4cac/src
scan /tmp/chroots/ch-44cd7dbf-742c-4a19-803e-f3fd326b4cac/extras/mbed
Configuration error: ‘static_memory_defines’ is not defined.
Fatal error: C3903U: Argument ‘Cortex-M4.fp.sp’ not permitted for option ‘cpu’.
compile MFRC522.cpp
Internal error.
Build failed
Build failed

Kindly guide where should I made adjustments to the code in order for it to work or if there is a place where I can find out the code for my project to make the RC522 work with the Nucleo Board F429ZI.

I hope that clarifies my query! Feel free to ask for any further clarification. I will be more than happy to assist you in this regard!

Best regards,



try to create the project from mbed2-example-blinky program directly in KeilStudioCloud.
You can do that via File->New...->Mbed project that will open new window New Project and in its first combo box (Example project) scroll down until you faced mbed2-example.blinky. Set your own name of the project and click Add project.
After steps above, move your mouse to Mbed Libraries window/panel on the bottom (if not visible use View->Mbed libraries ) then hit the + symbol and in new window Add Mbed Library place link of MFRC522 - RFID Chip MFRC522 driver | Mbed to URL textbox.
As the last thing that you need is move the content of main of program you shared above to your new program, just copy&paste.
Before compilation you will probably see some errors from clang. Ignore them, mandatory are errors from compiler.

BR, Jan