Nucleo-f042k6 MBED OS support

The MBED website says that Nucleo-F042K6 is supported by MBED OS5 however Keil Studio says it doesn’t this needs to be changed as its confusing.

Hi, this board doesn’t seem to support Mbed OS 5 according to the targets.json file so I suspect the website data is incorrect. We’ll get this corrected - thanks for reporting.

I think Nucleo-F042K6 is supported by mbed os5, but not os6

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Tried using it in OS5 but both normal and barmetal blinky program fails to work properly.
The led blinks with different frequencies instead of what is written. It maybe some clock problem?
No idea but it does 5 long blinks and then ~10 short ones.

Additionally my old program written in OS2 no longer works. For some reason scanf block the program

its not a wrong frequency, its the blink of death, some problem with the program. The mbed board page for this target has a note that this is not sufficient for RTOS. So it may work only with baremetal OS.

Alright thanks. Its the baremetal OS5 blinky example so I guess OS5 is completely not supported. Great that it says something completely different on the site.