Importing an existing program into Mbed Studio


I have a local git repository on my computer that contains code and libraries for an Arduino platform.
I now want to open the directory and adjust my code in a separate git branch inside Mbed Studio to match my new hardware NXP FRDM-K64F.
But I am unable to import this directory/program in Mbed Studio and use it as an active program.
I also do not understand what to insert into “URL” or “Program name”. I would expect a “select directory” button similar to the one for Mbed OS Location but there are only empty text boxes.

When I type in “firmware” and hit enter, I get the error message that the program would already exist.

Screenshot from 2020-09-07 12-01-04

But I it doesn’t appear in the selection of active programs.

What I could do is creating example programs like blinky and use those as active program.

But how can I import my existing git repository, use it as active program and eventually flash?

Thank you for any help on this!


  • Import program function is for importing a program from the Github and so on. That is why it need an URL and a program name (eventuali is a name auto filled when you place an url).
  • Project name firmware already exist in your workspace, you have it in the second picture.

The best place where you may start, is MbedStudio’s documentation and visit the section about Import - Importing an example from your file system and also Source control.

BR, Jan