Init test without a materiam

Hello. I’m a student and i reach a way to valide my the logic of program without used a microcontroleur.Recently i saw the method of cpputest et greentea but i understood that it use a material.Thanks for your help.

without used a microcontroleur

Greentea requires to run the tests on a real microcontroller, so if you need to do verification on a computer you cannot use it.

The Mbed Simulator can run Mbed OS applications on your computer - maybe you can use it.

Hello, I have the same query. I do have microcontroller to test it. So is there a way I can validate the logic of my main application using greentea by running it on the microcontroller. I know that the tests are located in TESTS folder but is there a way to write a test that would test my main application without having to place it in the TESTS folder.