Iot project using mqtt with mbed nxp lpc1768

Hi everyone, so as a following task in my iot project (that consists of getting data from different sensors using an mbed NXP LPC 1768), i need now to transfer this data into a server so that different clients can get it on a dashboard (done with node red).
For this task, i am using a raspberry pi as a server with mqtt protocol. The mbed sends the data through a wifi network (using an esp wifi module). However i am a little lost, with these known tasks, i really don’t know how to procede, i have been reading a bunch of documentation and codes but still can’t structure it right.
Can anyone give me some orientation or clear documentation so that i can start testing the wifi and the mqtt proptocol to receive data through the rasp terminal.
Thank u for the help.

Hello Lilia,

I would recommend to build your system gradually by performing the following steps:

  • Install a Mosquitto MQTT broker onto the Raspberry Pi.
  • Build an MQTT client program for the LPC1768 connected to the Raspberry Pi over Ethernet.
  • Once the MQTT client works over the Ethernet replace the Ethernet API with the ESP8266 WiFi.
  • Add sensor data aquisition and pass data to the Mosquitto MQTT broker over the MQTT client.

Proceed to the next step only after making sure the previous one was completed and tested successfully.

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