Mbed client (LWM2M) support for MQTT

Are there any plan to support mbed client over MQTT?

Not in the near future, especially since the advanced features in mbed Client like provisioning and firmware update rely heavily on LWM2M (over CoAP).

Do you have a specific use case where MQTT works but CoAP does not?

Hello Jan,

I am particularly interested in directly communicating with IBM BLUEMIX
cloud which is based on MQTT.

Since mbed client can only connect to either mbed device connector or
Leshan, it requires me to add an extra layer of translation from COAP to

If the native support for MQTT is added in mbed client, then in my opinion,
that will help reduce the complexity of overall IOT end-to-end ecosystem.

At ARM data serve page ‘https://developer.mbed.org/components/Nanoservice/
it is mentioned that ‘support for MQTT coming soon’ is mentioned.

Can you please clarify what kind of MQTT support is coming soon?

Muhammad Awais Arshad
Staff Engineer U-Blox IOT team.

@awais174 Just to be clear, we support MQTT in mbed OS 5 against every network interface which supports NetworkInterface, including the u-blox ODIN W2. For an example app see HelloMQTT.

What we don’t support at the moment is MQTT towards mbed Cloud, that is just CoAP. But you can use mbed Cloud Client for provisioning / updates (over CoAP) and MQTT as a data channel to IBM over the same network interface.

There is nothing for the time being