Is compiler server down? It stuck on Preparing

Yesterday I could compile my program. Today I can not, it stucks in status preparing. Do you know why?

Hi David,

Could you elaborate which project and which platform you are building?
If it’s a private project, try other public projects and see if it’s the same.
If possible, share the scree shot also helps.

I tried the online IDE at my side and it seems working well.


I’m also having this problem which started yesterday evening; its still the same this morning. I’ve no problem using my account with work though. Hopefully this is an example of the popup message stuck at preparing status. Any thought?
Regards PJ.

Hi, Just to let you know. Seems its all working again. No idea why.


Thanks for reporting this issue Paul. We’re reviewing this now and will report back when we’ve understood the cause. Let us know if the issue comes up again.