Is the compiler server down

my screen is stuck on preparing…will not let me compile

depending on the programme i pick, will give a long progress screen as preparing status, or it will give back a report that there is an internal error…

examination assignments are depending on this…

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I seem to be having the same issue also, and I know its not my code as it was working earlier this morning, I presume its the server as I had a similar issue a couple of months ago.

I also am having the same problems. I also erased my main.cpp file . When I tested it at again it erased an other main.cpp. I do not have backups of these files. This happened before a long time ago, but it did. HELP HELP

I am also have the same problem. I get “Internal error” to all codes when compiling.

Same here. And my code got deleted. Please help

me too. I cant compile. It says internal error or Long time in “preparing” but no action is being done. I hope they can solve this asap.

Update: The Online Compiler build service is now back up and running thanks to @SamCHogg. You should find that your projects compile again. For those of you who’ve lost source code, we’ll try to preserve our backups until Monday.

Apologies again for the disruption!


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All builds are failing using the Online Compiler as of Friday night (UK time). We’re not likely to have it fixed until Monday unfortunately.

Apologies for the timing of this, and appreciate that it’s frustrating.

If you have lost work, we might be able to help recover it as we do keep backups. I’ll ask our engineering team to contact you on Monday.

If your work is urgent, then we have Mbed Studio and Mbed CLI as a workaround. The newest version of Mbed Studio, which you can download from also ships Mbed CLI and other command line tools that you can access through the terminal. N.B. Mbed OS 5.12+ is supported due to the compiler we ship with Studio.

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Thanks. How can I recover files lost on/since Friday from your backups?

Also, tried to use Studio but found it doesn’t seem to support Microbit hardware. Will post this qu. on a more relevant thread . . .