Is mbedOS 6 going to support LittleFS2?

Since OS 5 has LittleFS v1, is OS 6 going to support LittleFS2 by default? as a major release is could - LFS2 has been rewritten and has relatively continuous buf fixes. I know there is a repo trying to bring those changes in but is not up to date and unfortunately since OS5.15 has a new CRC engine, it’s not compatible anymore

Yes, I also want LittleFS2 support in mbed, as all the tools for viewing the file system on a PC ( there’s a Python tool and a GUI ) both require the LFS2 binary format.

At least let people opt into LFS2, if ARM is worried about breaking changes

Hi Pavel,

Here is the [experimental] Mbed OS wrapper for LittleFS v2.0 (alpha), would you check this repo first?

i have a open PR there, could you please investigate and then possibly bring the whole repo to the OS?

We’ve bring storage team to that PR, please work with them on it.