LittleFS FUSE on WSL or mac


Has anyone gotten LittleFS fuse to work on macOS or WSL ( the Ubuntu Linux that you can run on Windows )


If you’re on Window’s, I’ve seen this relatively new project:

Other than that there is the Linux-compatible FUSE driver. This PR looks like it adds Mac support, though it hasn’t been merged yet:

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thanks! I tried the windows app, and just in case anyone else is looking, I also found this, that compiles the littleFS C repo for Windows or Linux, then puts a Python wrapper around it. Notes:

  • As of 15 Nov, the pip installer from the web doesn’t work, but if you follow the instruction on the git readme to download the source and install locally ( and have a C compiler installed on windows, I had Visual C already ), it runs and works without alteration!

HOWEVER, beware, it’s compiling littleFS 2.17, so it wont’ work with littleFS as present in mbed ( which is still on 1.x, which is a different drive format ). I tried to back the submodule of littleFS repo back to a 1.x release, but it broke the python somehow.

( I also think the windows app mentioned above also targets littleFS drive version 2.x )

@geky We have our own fork of mbed here, do you see any reason not to just push littleFS 2.17 into our mbed fork? We don’t have any legacy ( 1.x ) littleFS devices to support. Is 2.17 stable and well tested at this point?