Is support for the Nordic nRF5340 planned?

Is Mbed OS planning to support the new Nordic nRF53 Line?
The nRF5340 is now available with a PDK and it would be great to take it for a spin with Mbed OS.

M33 (Dual)Core with Root-of-trust, an Arm CryptoCell 312, trusted execution features, and secured Key storage sound really nice!

Although the link says nRF52840 it is indeed to the nRF5340:

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for looking for Mbed OS solution for nRF5340, however this platform is not on our radar yet, we apologize for the inconvenience.


@Tevva and anyone reading this.

Nordic, at least publicly has stated they do not think there is demand for using Mbed OS.

We all need to let them know that this is untrue. I have let them know we will not be designing any of their MCU’s that do not have Mbed support into customer designs.