Mbed-os support for nRF52833?


I’m wondering if anyone has experience with using mbed-os on the nRF52833? There’s official support for nRF52832, nRF52840, etc. but no support for nRF52833. The chip seems decently similar to the currently supported ones.

I’ve seen 1 other thread about this issue (Mbed OS for Nordic nRF52833), and the person suggested adapting the existing nRF52840 board to support the nRF52833, but included no additional information as to how exactly that could be done.

I am unfamiliar with the process of porting mbed-os onto a new platform, so I would greatly appreciate any help / pointers in this topic.

Thank you for your help!


here is Port process overview - Porting | Mbed OS 6 Documentation, but I think the idea in the topic, what you posted above, was to make a custom target. So, you can look to the Porting custom boards , and also the Nordic has a guide here.

BR, Jan