Is Teensy 3.1 no longer supported?


Is Teensy 3.1 no longer supported? In 2020 I’ve added it to Mbed compiler from the link: Teensy 3.1 | Mbed

But it is no longer available. Any tips?

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I am also looking for Teensy 3.1 support with MBED.

Doesn’t matter if it only supports older MbedOS, but it would be very important to have the online compiler to be able to add the Teensy board as a target.

Should I change from the online compiler to MBED Studio, Platformio, Arduino IDE?

Is there any other way to maintain the online compiler support to Teensy 3.1 boards? I was using for undergrad projects with my students. It was working flawlessly last year…

Any help is greatly appreciated!