Issue reverting to older version of mbed-os

I am trying to switch to a different mbed-os revision. However, I need version 5.4.7, and the revisions only go down to 5.5.2 on mbed-os drop down.

Does anyone know how to revert to an early revision?

Hi there,

Please try deleting your mbed-os library from your program (right click on mbed-os and click “Delete…”) then right click on your program’s name and hover over “Import Library…” then select “From URL …”.

Then import the Mbed OS library version 5.4.7 by copying and pasting the following URL:

Then click “Import”. This should successfully import the Mbed OS 5.4.7 library into your program.

I found the URL for the 5.4.7 Mbed OS release by looking under the “Releases” tab on the Mbed OS GitHub repository here:

I will let the online compiler team know that the Mbed OS revisions list/history doesn’t extend past 5.5.2 in the online compiler.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

– Jenny, team Mbed