How to change to mbed-os-5.8.6 in Online Compiler

I am trying to compile MAX32620HSP but is not supported by mbed os5 so I want to change the mbed version as is suggested in

the problem is I can’t find the mbed-os-5.8.6 version in the online compiler.

the last tag is mbed-os-5.11.3

and newest in mbed 2 is 164 version

How can I find mbed-os-5.8.6 in the online compiler?


I seems that it is not possible to revert to mbed-os 5.8.6 in Online Compiler. 5.11 is the oldest available revision.
If you use mbed cli you can revert at least all 5.xx versions.


thanks for the reply, indeed you can with mbed cli, I did it until MAX32620HSP stops accepting binary files. Right now I talking to the maxim support team and It seems to be related to this problem