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Mbed OS 5 compile

Hi, I work in mbed Online compiler and I have some project which use the Mbed OS 5 library and currently it could not be compiled.

Is there a possibility and on which way I can replace Mbed OS 6 with Mbed OS 5, because when I try to add the url of mbed library I always get the latest version (Mbed Os 6)? Also when I try to add a zip library, locally saved Mbed OS 5, uploading the library always breaks and crushes.



Hello Martha,

  • you can check Tags · ARMmbed/mbed-os ( and copy commit link of requested MbedOs version
  • also you can achieve it without links, you can do it directly in the Online compiler via Revision button on top panel.
  • or right click in mbed-os library in your project and select Revisions... , and then in the list chose version what do you want and hit Switch button above the list . In this list you can found only few revisions (MbedOS 5.15 and above), from github you are albe to download much more, much older.

BTW what do you mean with this?

BR, Jan

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