Keil studio : Is there another option?

Sorry to be honest but I am not convinced by the ‘performances’ of this Keil studio ( and no comment about this grey colour that could make people depressive …). So the Question is simple: what is the alternative reliable option ?


I do not know what you have problem with the dark theme, but it is very popular. Also it can be changed Light theme - File->Settings->Color Theme->

Be more specific could be useful as a feedback for developers, to be honest this tell them nothing.
If you are a professional, I understand, your requirements are bigger, but it is targeted to fast prototyping = no setup of whole environment for first run, all compilations are running on cloud (usually it is very fast) and so on.

Alternative for the online environment does not exist because the Online Compiler is retiring, so only the desktop ones remain.
Here you can found all Mbed Build Tools. Another alternative is Visual Studio Code or something similar.

BR, Jan

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And to be more accurate, Keil environment is perhaps matched to university where students can waste their time , but not to industry where each work hour has a cost. Their compiler ’ new version ’ make all your previous software to be scrapped, but Keil dont care. Keil is an unreliable software solution, not an investment for the future

So which one are you? university? industry? hobbyist?

and what’s the issue? being forced to use a specific IDE? using the Keil compiler? compiling in the cloud? having a new tool to learn?

what are your needs? what do you want to achieve? what are your constraints and goals?

it’s easy to complain and ask empty questions like “is there an alternative?” – of course there are plenty of alternatives.

And if none suit your needs, you can always build one from scratch using CMake.