LPC1768 board constantly resets

I have an LPC1768 board that resets every minute or so. I am running just the blinky code. I have noticed that if I get near or touch the reset pin (4), the board will reboot. It will also reboot periodically just sitting there. I added an additional 10K resistor to 3.3v just to help keep it tied high, but that didn’t help much.

My power supply is clean according to the scope. I did measure and confirm there is 3.3 volts on the reset pin.

This board is fairly new - its been programmed a few times but hasn’t really been hooked up to any IO .

Has anybody else experienced this with this board?


I haven’t experienced this, you may have a faulty board.
If you connect a serial terminal (normally 9600 baud), do you get any error messages?

Have you tried to update the firmware to the latest revision ?

It does have the latest firmware. No error messages. It acts just as if you pressed the reset button.